Suds Basket Soap

Sewn on

October 15 (International Handwashing Day)

Sewn From

A bar of soap



Suds Basket Soap is a loopsy that just likes to be left alone. 


Although they like to be left alone, they are very optimistic and friendly. They have a huge imagination and they like to pretend that their basket house is all sorts of things but they like to imagine their house is a castle the most. They enjoy sliding on wooden floors in their socks even though they fall over a lot. 


Suds is a fair skinned loopsy with blue halfshaved hair that slightly looks like bubbles. They wear a blue shirt that looks like it is made of bubbles and brown shorts. They often go barefoot but sometimes wear socks so they can slide on slippery floors. 


Their house is a basket. Just a plain old basket that they imagine is the greatest house in the galaxy.


  • They are none-binary and use they/them/their/themself pronouns 


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