Stretchy Legwarmers
Peggy Legwarmers


Full Size Doll

Sewn from

Gymnast's Legwarmers

Sewn on

September 22nd (National Gymnastics Day)



Stretchy is a gymnast who keeps herself in shape!


Stretchy owns her own gym where she loves to practice gymnastics. She's extremely flexible and loves cartwheels and hand stances! She is best friends with Sissy Sit-Ups.


Stretchy has light colored skin with blushing red cheeks and standard black button eyes. Her hair is wild and long, it is dark chocolate brown. Across her forehead she wears a vibrant kiss-pink sweatband.

She wears a shoulderless graphic white tee reading I Love Gym. On her wrists she wears wristbands that match her kiss-pink sweatband. She wears violet short-shorts with double white vertical stripes on the side. Below that she wears jet black tights and her trademark kiss-pink legwarmers. She wears magenta slip-on shoes.


Stretchy's pet is her adorable powder pink Flamingo. Flamingo is limber like Stretchy and can even do many tricks that Stretchy herself cannot even perform! Flamingo's long legs can allow him to move in many directions, making him very flexible!


Stretchy spends all her time in her wonderful gym. There she has all the equipment she needs to exercise until the sun goes down! Whether it is hanging upside down from hoops or maintaining her balance on a beamer, Stretchy's gym will you keep you on your toes!