Strawbella von Puff
Strawbella von Puff


Mini doll

Sewn on

August 15th (National Meringue Pie Day)

Sewn from

A lot of Meringue Cookie pieces


Poodle Cookie

Strawbella von Puff is a very well-mannered resident of Lalaloopsy Land. Her inspiration is Dollop Light 'N' Fluffy. She sounds like a duchess. Her little sister is Pinkberry von Puff.

She is Dollop's recolor.


Strawbella is incredibly sweet and smart, but is a big party planner. She loves making Meringue.


Strawbella looks a lot like Dollop, but in different colors. Strawbella loves the color lavender.


Her pet is a Poodle, only made out of cookies.


Strawbella lives in Cherry Crisp Crust's neighborhood. Her house is surrounded with Meringue flowers and bushes.


  • Strawbella is named after Strawberry and her creator's cat, Bella.
  • Though her name is based on Strawberry (which is more on pink/red), her favorite color is Lavender.
  • She is allergic to Butterscotch.

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