Straw B. Twirl

Drawn by LalaloopsyESB.


Straw B keeps healthy by eating lots of tasty fruit (especially strawberries) and dancing! She loves to jump, twist and twirl around, but she sometimes gets dizzy! She is friends with Tippy Tumblelina, Serena C. Blue, Perry Blueberry and Mani Kee Neko.


Straw B has red hair in a bun on top of her head. She has a strawberry hair clip. She has black eyes and tanned skin. She carries a pink gym bag with yellow stripes. She wears a ballet dress with a red & pink lace-up top and a yellow & pink tutu. She wears yellow ballet shoes with red ribbons. She has red arm warmers. She doesn't have a pet.


Sewn on: 13th May

Sewn from: A red tutu

Pet: None


  • She is in a story called "My Shimai"
  • She is also in a story called "I'm Warm Now"

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