Storm E. Thunder
Storm E. Thunder


Full size doll

Sewn on

April 3rd (Find a Rainbow Day)

Sewn from

Gray clouds



Storm E. Thunder, the bad girl of Lalaloopsy Land is very wicked in her tricks. Though this trickster is very tricky and wicked, she is willing to find her true colors. She once tried to be a friend of everyone, because of a resident, she became a stormy girl. She does not show sibling love to her sister, Cloud E. Thunder, who is a gentle person, and Storm would love to show even just a pinch of kindness.


Stormy has a stormy personality. She is rude, tricky, wicked, but glam and she only shows love to her pet. She is really a friendly person, but isn't ready to show it to everybody.



Stormy has a pet Cloud, like a slug or something else.


Storm lives in the biggest storm cloud which causes rain in Lalaloopsy Land.


  • Storm is sewn on April 3, which is "Find a Rainbow Day, because "she is willing to find her true colors."
  • Storm is nicknamed Stormy, because her letter "E" causes her name to be "Stormy Thunder".

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