Static Electro


Full Size Doll

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Static is a thunderstorm Lalaloopsy.


A little girl named Emily who had loved Lalaloopsies thought that there should be more Lalaloopsies. At first, she didn't know how to make a new one, so Emily drew a picture and gave to her dad. Her dad worked for MGAE so she asked him if he could bring her Lalaloopsy to life. He said yes, and she was created as Sunshine Bright Blaze. It would take a little while, so what she did instead is she sewed around the picture. Surprisingly, it popped off the page! She brought it outside to play, but there was a thunderstorm and it crushed the doll. Since the Lalaloopsies are 'Sew Magical!', the doll came to life once again, but it wsn't Sunshine Bright Blaze anymore. It was Static Electro.



Static has white skin and black button eyes. She has dark purple (almost black) braids like Feather Tell-a-Tale but the braids are spikey. Her dress is a little like Dot Starlight but is doesn't have the four buttons on the front. It is silver in color (the whole dress) but the skirt has black stripes on it. Her shoes are like April Sunsplash but the are dark purple (same as hair) and they don't have whatever is on the side.




  • Full Size Static Electro


  • Static Electro was originally the name I was going to use for a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic OC.
  • She is 'twins' with Sunshine Bright Blaze.
  • She is known as the 'Little Lala Monster'.

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