Sprout is a lalaloopsy representing the Sprout Channel.Her big brother is Nick Teach n Grow,representing the Nick channel.She was sewn on September 26th (the day the sprout channel first aired) 

Sprout Teach n Grow

Sewn on

September 26th

Sewn from

A sprout




She loves all shows on the Sprout channel.She hates other channels,such as nick jr,disney junior,the hub and cartoon network.She will get mad if you bully her cause she likes the Sprout channel


She has green hair in style of Sprinkle Spice Cookie.She has a blue dress with white words (SPROUT CHANNEL RULEZ) and a small green flower by the side.She has green baby booties.


Her pet is Chica from the Sprout channel.


She is friends with Annette,Needle,and Sol.She hates Trinket

She kicked out Trinket in the popular club,so she got in.

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