Springtime with Matey is the first New Adventures of Teddy the Pooh theatrically released film that premiered on March 9th 2013 Previous:Lalaloopsy Fairy Tales Next:The New Girl


An overexcited Matey,along with Teddy,Squeak,Peanut and Gloomy,pay Blossom a visit to celebrate Easter.But instead of finding an Easter party they find a Spring Cleaning Celebration led by Blossom who makes up the holiday to replace Easter.While the gang cleans up Blossom's house,Teddy sneezes and trashes the house.Then Matey finds all their Easter eggs and decorations stored away in Blossom's closet,and throws a surprise Easter party for Blossom.Unfortunatley,she is enraged at them for not doing her 'Spring Cleaning Day',and sends them out to clean.Matey is sad that Blossom is unhappy,and Peanut wants Matey to have a happy Easter,so Peanut tries to talk to Blossom while Matey and the others try to make an Easter celebration of their own in their hopes of cheering up Blossom.

In order to convince Blossom that she still misses Easter and how she used to like it to which Blossom does not believe from hating it so much,Peanut and the Invisble Narrator take Blossom in a time machine and back in time to last years Easter celebration.Blossom, as the Easter Bunny,tried to make everything as organized,orderly and perfect as possible,treating Easter like a professional occasion rather than a great holiday,claiming 'it isn't fun;it's Easter!' So Peanut and the others swiped the easter eggs behind Blossom's back,and she found them hunting the eggs and celebrating Easter without her.Everyone is more happy with Peanut being the Easter Bunny instead of Blossom.Feeling left out of the fun and dissapointed that she isnt the one getting this kind of honor from her friends,it was then she decided to stop Lalaloopsy Land from having another Easter celebration again.Blossom finds out Peanut was right about her liking Easter in the past, but instead of agreeing to allow the holiday back, Blossom then sadly tells Peanut she wants to be left alone,still upset of her past, and accusing Peanut of stealing her role as the Easter Bunny

The present Peanut sadly returns to tell Matey and the others that Easter is still banned while Blossom returns home.Although Peanut feels that she had let Matey down,the only thing Matey wants is for Blossom to be happy again,so he and the others try to come up with a plan to do so.

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