Sporty Kicks-a-Lot


Lalaloopsy Full Size Doll

Sewn from:

A professional soccer player's uniform

Sewn on:

September 8


Soccer ball hamster

Also see Goal Scores-a-Lot, her little brother.


Sporty is a fast runner and has some fancy footwork. She is a good sport, but she is also very competitive. Sporty is always willing to be any position on the field, but she loves being center midfield (striker).


Sporty has one brown ponytail (like Pix E. Flutters) and it has a magenta bow around it. She has fair skin and basic black button eyes. She is wearing a magenta jersey with a number 05 on it. Above the numbers it says 'LALALOOPSY' on it in big white letters. On the sleeves of her jersey, she has two white stripes. Sporty's shorts are also magenta with two skinny white stripes on either side. Her shoes are magenta sneakers.


Sporty's pet is a soccer ball hamster! It has a checkered soccer ball body with two small black button eyes.



  • Sporty Kicks-a-Lot Large doll
  • Toys 'R' Us exclusive 'Siblings' pack with Sporty Kicks-a-lot and Goal Scores-a-Lot.


  • Her best friend is Peppy Pom Poms.


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