Peanut is upset when she finds out that Bea has joined the soccer team.


Coach: Okay, kiddos. Line up!

(Peanut, Mango, Patch, Marina, and Ace line up)

Coach: All right. Today we are going to learn a few drills. Keeping balance, staying light on your feet-

Peanut: Slide tackling?

Coach: I'm sorry, but slide tackling is prohibited in soccer. Now, go practice kicking the ball.

Peanut: (kicks ball to Ace) When do you think we're gonna a play a game?

Ace: (passes it to Mango) I dunno.

Mango: (kicks it to Patch) We can get extra practice by playing soccer at recess at school.

Patch: (kicks it to Marina) Great idea, only--

Marina: (passes to Peanut) Right. Ninny-Bea and her walky-talky girls Tippy and Crumbs will want to play.

Peanut: (passes back to Ace) I want to slide-tackle Bea so bad.

Ace: (kicks into goal) Oh, nininininino. One time she slide-tackled me, and then I did a front-flip in the air. Someone grabbed hold of a camera and put the video of me doing it on Buttontube.

Peanut: But since Bea is so perfect, she wouldn't slide tackle.

Ace: Well, she did, and the video got googol hits.

Marina: How much is googol?

Patch: 10,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000 It has 100 zeroes.

Suddenly, a blue minivan pulled up, and guess who came out?


Mango: Oh nooooooooooooo!

Bea: Well, well, well, if it isn't Pee-nut Big Stop.

Peanut: We meet again, Ninny-Bea!

Marina: What are YOU doing here? Shouldn't you be at home studying your dumb dictionary?

Bea: Very funny. Since I am so perfect, I decided to take up soccer.

Ace: Go home! You're not welcome here!

Bea: Well, did you know that I am so athletic?

Peanut: Enough of your dumb stories! Shoo, shoo!

Coach: What is this, more members?

Bea: Yes, Coach. My name is Bea Spells-a-Lot and I am so perfect!

Patch: And full of herself.


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