Slate CaveStone
Slate Cave Stone Pic


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on

May 15th (Dinosaur Day)

Sewn from

A Caveman's Outfit



Slate Cavestone is the little brother of Rocky CaveStone inspired by prehistoric cave people. He was sewn on May 15th (Dinosaur Day).  He has a pet T-Rex and is sewn from a caveman's outfit.

Drawn by me using Adobe Illustrator.


Slate loves to build fires, explore new places, and learn new things.  He even makes up new words for animals and plants he discovers.


Slate has dark skin, pink cheeks, black eyes. Slate has purple blue hair with fringe bangs.  He wears a zig zag collar cheetah print dress with a rock and bone belt.  His shoes are orange fur sandals.  He is the only boy to wear a skirt.


A brown T-Rex with orange spikes and cheetah print belly.


Slate lives in a stone cave with his sister, Rocky.


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