Sissy Sit-Ups
Sissy Sit-Ups


Full Size Doll

Sewn from

Aerobics Instructor's Leotard

Sewn on

April 19th (National Workout Day)



Sissy is totally into aerobics! She loves fitness and maintaining her health, and what better way than to just let loose and work it?


Sissy is best friends with Stretchy Legwarmers. Her favorite way to stay in shape is aerobics class. She believes a healthy lifestyle is reflected by commitment and smart decisions. No pain, no gain - feel the burn!


Sissy has a soft peach colored skin with pretty pink cheeks and sunshine yellow eyes. Her hair is a bold blue and is tied back into a side-ways ponytail by a pale orange scrunchie.

She attends aerobics class in her signature pumpkin orange leotard. She wears dark blue tights and white sneakers with matching pink hearts on the top of the tongues.


Sissy's animal companion is her hyperactive hot pink Kangaroo. Kangaroo has a pouch on her tummy where Sissy stores her sweatband and wristbands. Kangaroo is great at aerobics too and can spring into a workout no problem.


Sissy's home is an aerobics studio, with giant mirrored walls all around and plenty of mats to work out on. It's a great place to turn on your favorite song on the radio and pace yourself!


  • Aerobics was a popular form of exercise in the 1980's and many work-out videos originated from this time.
  • Sissy comes in a 3 pack With Roxy Rox Sox And Stretchy Legwarmers.