Shadow Moonbeam


Shadow Moonbeam is a very shy girl and gets scared in crowds. She is friends with the ravens and crows because she is too timid to talk to anyone and has a power of speaking to birds. She also has wings that really make her fly, but she tries to keep them secret.

Shadow loves dark colours so she can look like the ravens & crows, especially indigo. She's not bad or strange, as she appears to be. If you're lucky enough to get her to talk to you then you'll find she's super sweet and kind.


Phantoma Wisp & Britain E. Island


Sewn from: A raven's feather

Sewn on: 9th February

Pet: She doesn't have a pet, because that would be unfair to all her other bird friends.

Special facts

Shadow has a twin sister who she hasn't seen her whole life. It's Rae Sunshimmer. Shadow turned out just how her mother wanted her to be, but Rae was a disappointment.

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