Sew Sweet Girl
Did picasso draw this i think he did


Full size doll

Sewn from

A candy maker's dress

Sewn on

October 28 (Candy Day)


Candy cat

Sew Sweet Girl is a Lalaloopsy that is almost invisible to the naked eye!


Sew Sweet Girl loves making sweets for her friends, but never shares her own sweets! She's nice and airy, and some days can be found floating around in the breeze!


Sew Sweet Girl is a beautiful puce dress with puffs at the end and a slightly darker pink strip in the middle with black stitches around it, while the dress is outlined with black stitches.


Sew Sweet Girl has a pet candy cat. Her pet is a pretty white feline with darker brown spots on the top of its head and back. Her kitty just love peppermints!

Pretty kitty!


Sew Sweet Girl's home resembles Candy Land, while her house is filled to the brim with mouth watering candy!


  • Sew Sweet Girl is the first "invisible" Lalaloopsy!
  • Sew Sweet Girl is friends with Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Suzette La Sweet.


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