Sergeant Hooah
Sergeant Hooah-1

Sewn on

November 30

Sewn from

A Drill Sergeant's Hat

Sergeant Hooah works along side her brother Gunnery Sergeant Oorah as a drill sergeant in the Lalaloopsy Land Marines. she's just as cleaver and hard and assists Gunny with training officers.


Sergeant is just as hard and aggressive as her brother and is just as clever too. Anyone who makes Gunny mad also makes her mad and when Gunny yells at someone she usually yells along with him. A lot of times she repeats things over and over while Gunny expands his sentences.


Sergeant appears the same way as Gunny except that she wears a green skirt, a khaki short sleeved shirt with the sergeant emblems on her sleeves and her hairstyle is a single ponytail.


Sergeant lives with Gunny in the barracks of his fort.


She's a good friend to Specs Reads-A-Lot however Specs can sometimes be jealous of her when she sees that Gunny doesn't underestimate Sergeant but Bea underestimates her.

Sergeant is also a good friend to Trinket since Jewel and Gunny have a romantic relationship.

When she's not training privates with Gunny, like Trinket Sergeant will want to do activities with others but like Jewel Gunny often refuses to let her because it's not the military the only difference is that Gunny is usually hard on her but it dosen't stop Sergeant from doing the activities anyway and when she does Gunny usually joins in.

She dosen't get along well with Squirt for the same reasons Gunny doesn't get along with Peanut. However she tends to make Squirt cry every time they meet.

Instead of properly saluting she usually grabs the rim of her hat.

Sergeant can play a trumpet.

Her birthday is the end of the Vietnam war.

Hooah is the battle cry for the US Army.


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