Serena C. Blue

Drawn by LalaloopsyESB.


Serena is a calm girl, just like the sea. Sometimes she can get a bit anxious, but her friends Mani Kee Neko, Straw B. Twirl and Rae Sunshimmer are always there to reassure her. She's quite quiet and not bubbly, unlike her dolphin! She is NOT related to Marina Anchors and she can swim. She may look like she has wings, but don't be fooled. She can't fly, they're just part of her dress. She will never eat sushi, but she loves seaweed! She has a little sister called Kai Blue.


Serena has wavy blue hair in bunches, with darker blue braids and sea-themed beads on them. She uses fake seaweed to tie up her hair. Her eyes are seaweed-green. She has a long pale blue dress with a blue belt. There is a magical sea sapphire in the middle of her belt. Her dress has halter-neck straps and is quite plain. Her shoes are blue high heels with straps.


Sewn on: 14th March

Sewn from: A sea goddess' dress

Pet: Dolphin


  • She is in a story called "My Shimai"
  • She is mentioned in a story called "I'm Warm Now"

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