Scrambled Side Up
Scrambled Side Up Pic


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on

August 4th (Twin Day Festival)

Sewn from

A Farmer's Gloves



No Idea who changed these pages but I am fixing them.

Scrambled is the little sister to Sunny and Berry.  She is the twin of Peaches Jars N' Jam.


Scrambled loves to keep busy around the farm.  She likes to feed the chickens, collect the eggs, milk the cows, and roll around in the hay.


Scrambled has slightly tan skin with dark cheeks and black eyes.  Her hair is orange with a curl bang and two pigtails at the sides.  She wears a white shirt with stitched on pink heart and paisly sleeves.  She has paisley shorts with cuffs and blue belt and red suspenders.  Her shoes are pink with red laces and soles.


A white rooster with red tail and a paisley wing.


Scrambled lives on a farm with her sisters


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