Sausage Pizzacrust


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on:

April 19th (National Pepperoni Day)

Sewn from:

An Italian Restaurant Tablecloth


Pizza Puppy

Sausage Pizzacrust is the little sister of Pepperoni Pizzacrust.


Sausage is a fair-skinned girl with pink cheeks, black eyes, and has red-orange hair styled in a flip.

Her outfit is a white dress with a red gingham-print bib with a picture of a slice of pizza on it. She also wears a pair of pale-yellow booties and a red bloomers underneath her dress.


Sausage has a huge appetite and loves to eat all the food her sister makes. Her favorite things are spaghetti and fresh salads.


Her pet is a puppy made out of pizza with breadsticks for ears, sliced olives for eyes, and a large sausage for a nose.


Sausage lives with her older sister, Pepperoni.


  • Full-size Sausage Pizzacrust doll
  • Full-size Loopy Hair Sausage Pizzacrust (packaged with Pepperoni)


  • She shares the same hairstyle as Sherri Charades and Beauty Fairest.
  • She shares the same shoes as Sprinkle Spice Cookie, Twinkle N. Flutters, and Bow Bah Peep.
  • Sausage always ask for a food but her older sister, Pepperoni, has to say no, because she doesn't want her little sister to get a tummyache.

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