Sandy Sea Shells
Sandy Sea Shells Pic


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on

May 19th (National Learn to Swim Day)

Sewn from

A Real Mermaid's Dress


Sea Horse

Sandy Sea Shells is the little sister of Coral Sea Shells.  She is born on May 19th (national learn to swim day).  She is sewn from a real mermaid's dress.  She has a pet sea horse. 

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by missflyingtoaster (Melissa Smith)


Sandy loves the water and going to the beach with her sister, Coral.  She is still learning how to swim.


Sandy has fair skin, black eyes, and pale pink cheeks. Sandy has pink hair in pigtails with a golden starfish. Her hair does not change color in water but her mermaid outfit does. The fin turns green and the blue top turns darker blue. Her swim outfit is one piece, pink polkadot with blue frills around the edge.  Her sandals are similar to Mango Tiki Wiki.


Her pet is a golden sea horse that changes color in water to a pink.


Sandy lives in a sandcastle in the ocean near her big sister Coral.