Salsa Tacoshell


Full size doll

Sewn on:

October 4th (National Taco Day)

Sewn from:

A Mexican dress



Salsa Tacoshell is a Mexican food-themed Lalaloopsy character. She also has a little sister, Picante Tacoshell.


Salsa is a tan-skinned girl with black eyes and black hair styled in braids, complete with a white headband with a traditional pattern.

She wears a black top with puffy sleeves and white dress with red squiggly lines and green zig-zags around the bottom of her knee-length skirt, She also has a white belt with blue accents and wears a pair of white socks and black Mary Janes with tan bows at the toes.


While she has more of a spicy personality, Salsa is a very graceful girl who loves making nacho burritos and picante quesadilla. She also has a bit of a temper.


Her pet is a light brown donkey with black eyes, brown mane and tail, and tan muzzle and hooves.


Her home is a white house with traditional Mexican patterns around it and a tan sombrero as a roof.


  • Salsa Tacoshell full-size doll
  • Salsa Tacoshell full-size Loopy Hair doll
  • Mini Salsa Tacoshell
  • Mini Salsa Tacoshell Loopy Hair
  • Lalaloopsy Girls Salsa Tacoshell


  • She is good friends with Ember.

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