Sahara Mirage is one of Lalaloopsy Land's more exotic residents! She's a real charmer, who's scared of the dark, and always pops up when she's least expected. Sahara is the older sister of little Pita Mirage. Her name is based off of the real life Sahara Desert, as well as mirages which are illusions one experiences when exposed to the desert heat for too long!

About Sahara

Sahara Mirage is a dark skinned girl with pale pink cheeks that stands out against her dark skin. She has normal black button eyes. Sahara's hair is light pink and pulled back in a ponytail/strand-like bun held with a golden tiara with multiple red rubies. Her bangs are neatly pulled back with a few loose strands of her hair that is curled down.

Normally she's dressed in genie attire, consisting of a purple velvet sleeveless body suit outfit with puffed shorts and yellow cuff-like pieces. She wears a Magenta-red blouse/jacket with short puff sleeves over her top, a matching sash piece around her waist and an cloth resembling a skirt going around the back. Sahara has an yellow slip attached on her shoes resembling sandals.


She has a pet camel.


◾ Sahara's fear of the dark is a light-hearted joke referring to a genie's imprisonment in a magic lamp.

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