Saddie Saddle is a horse themed Lalaloopsy.  Similiar to Bonnie H. Orse, whom she is best friends with.  She has a little sister named Bri Dell Saddle.  Saddie Saddle works at a stable and is very busy most of the time but she always finds time to play with her sister. She has a pet sugarcube.  Saddie Saddle's birthday is unknown.


Saddie Saddle loves her sister very much and is always kind to her, BUT she has a little bit of a temper.  Saddie Saddle is also quite impatient and may get annoyed quickly.  Despite this she does her best to be kind.


Saddie Saddle has a side ponytail like April Sunsplash, though she does not have different colours in her hair.  Her hair is orange (like Bea Spells-a-Lots') and she wears an emerald green headband.  She has the standard black button eyes but with eyelashes like the Lala-Oopsies.  Her cheeks are slightly darker than baby pink.

She wears short boots-like riding boots-with green checkered long socks.  Though she is a stablehand she wears a dress.  The bottom half is made of material like Ember Flicker Flames' dress but in green matching her headband.  The top half of her dress is pale, mint green with a black rearing horse printed on.


Saddie Saddle's pet is a sugarcube, affectionately nick-named SC.  SC has eyes that are miniature versions of Saddie's eyes.  She has a small pink O for a mouth and tiny pale pink spots as cheeks.  SC is cheeky and often plays tricks on Saddie.


Saddie actually lives with Bonnie H. Orse in her small stable-like house.  Though on the outside it is small, the inside is quite spacious.


  • Saddie Saddle is a lover of all animals, not only horses
  • Sometimes she wishes she could eat her pet, but don't tell SC that!
  • She loves to paint and is very good at drawing horses

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