Roxy Rox Sox
Roxy Rox Sox


Full Size Doll

Sewn from

Neon Knee Socks

Sewn on

March 17th



Roxy is a dancer who just moves to the beat. Full of energy and enthusiasm, she just cannot restrain herself.

She comes with her own boombox that runs on four AA batteries. The boombox has a port for MP3 players, but also has default tracks to play.


Roxy was sewn from a vibrant pair of neon green socks who once belonged to a breakdancer. Roxy cannot help but dance in the streets when the kids are out moving to the rhythm. With the boombox blasting the tunes, Roxy will rock her socks off and let loose a positive burst of energy. She just moves!


Roxy's hair is shortly cut, it's wavy and wild. She bleaches her hair platinum blonde but is naturally a brunette. Her eyes are a piercing lavender while her cheeks are a bit darker, a deep purple.

She wears a faded royal blue one-shoulder tee. Around her neck Roxy wears a loose necklace with a bold yellow button. Her mini skirt is black/white checkerboard and has a fire engine red trim. Covering her legs are Roxy's signature fluorescent green knee socks. While on her feet she wears adorable teal Mary-Janes.


Roxy's trusty companion is her hop-frenzied frog who accompanies her during her energized dancing.


Roxy lives in an apartment made entirely out of rust red bricks. She lives on the fourth floor and has an amazing view of the urban cityscape. Down below on her street are the neighborhood teens who hang out on the front steps of the apartment buildings and listen to their boomboxes. This is what Roxy considers to be 'at home'.


  • Roxy is based off a time period related loosely to the 1980's, which explains her choice in music and fashion.
  • Roxy's name is a reference to popular pop rock duo of the 1980's, Roxette.
  • She Comes In A 3 Pack With Sissy Sit-Ups And Stretchy Legwarmers.