Hello! Peanutandbea2 here. I came up with the idea to start a story, but anyone can contribute to it. I will be writing the rules down below.



1. Contribute 1-4 sentences. I don't want you to write the whole thing!

2. Make sure it flows nicely with the story; it wouldn't make sense if two lalaloopsies were talking and then a giant godzilla attacked.

3. Don't include original characters (this rule may change). It would be harder for someone who doesn't know the character to use a describe.

4. Keep it clean. Don't use cuss words, drugs, or any inappropriate behavior please.

5. Make sure you checked your grammar and spelling.

6. Be creative and have fun with it! 

The Story

Dyna Might was flying through the air looking for trouble when she heard a cry.

"Help me! Help me!," the voice said.

"There's trouble down there, raccoon," Dyna said. She flew down and saw who it was.

It was Harmony B. Sharp and Haley Galaxy. Haley was accidently tied to Harmony's microphone cord so much Harmony can't untie it. Even worse, it was about to rain, so Haley would get electrocuted if she wasn't untied. In the blink of an eye, Haley was untied, and Harmony got her microphone back, which she put in her case. "Thank you Dyna!" The two said. "You're welcome!" She called as she flew into the sky.

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