They are a gang in Le also the heros of jump city, this group is called "Teen Titans"


Robin  He is a good kid with good friends like Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Peanut, Cloud E. and Starfire. Since being a rival of the HIVE he has no idea what to do. He tries to fall in love with Starfire, but she won't do it.


Cyborg . He quite also a good kid and really funny. His friends are Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Robin(sometimes Gizmo). He once had a love relationship with Jinx, but See-More took her so now for him and Jinx they broke up and they are now friends. Once in science class he tried to build the biggest thing in school, but it blew up.(thanks to Billy)


Starfire  She is a nice fellow friend. She always listens to words and plays with Slikie when at the Titans Tower. She also has a secret relationship with Jinx by almost gossiping about Sweetie but, she sometimes hates Jinx. When she heard Cloud E. talking about her community called "Angel Soft(not the toilet paper kind)" she loved it, because it was like a PBS kids show called "Teletubbies".


Raven  She is a quiet person and mostly says "Whatever.......". She loves Robin's jokes and reading in her spell book. She is censored about Starfire hanging out with Jinx sometimes even when Robin did the "Crane Kick". She sometimes does the "Sock Him" for fun on Beast Boy even in the Titans Tower sometimes.

Beast Boy

Beast Boy  He is a goofy person along with Cyborg(aka his BFF). He loves veggies on his plate with no meat at all. One time he tried to say "Waffles" in class, but he got kick in the butt by Bea(aka Bea is the math teacher), he said "OW! OW! OW! THIS HUUUUUUUUUUURTS!" and Starfire felt bad for him. He has a love interest on Raven, but Furry has a crush on him. Everyone knows he loves Raven better. BBRAE 4EVER

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