Robert rain

Robert Rain is a character and member of Tommy Tenderheart's exclusive Care Gang.


Unlike the other Care Gang members (Tommy, Sam, Rebecca, Lily, etc), Robert is not happy or upbeat. He is usually grumpy and a bit of a pessimist. He DOES want to be happy, but poor little Robert just has bad luck (ex: his ice cream falling off the cone). He is annoyed with the "happy pappy caring kindness i love you" thing because of this. He tends to rain on someone else's parade. Almost everyone in Lalaoopsy Land hates him except for the Care Gang. He's not a bully; he just gets really upset when bad things happen to him and good things happen to everyone else. He is an expert mechanic, too. He seems to have a on/off relationship with Sam Sunshine. He never smiles and/or gets happy, except on a few occasions, mostly when he's alone. Robert secretly likes Sally Sunshine, but pretends to hate her so she won't know.


He has fair skin with black button eyes and salmon pink cheeks. He has blue hair in the style of Ace Fender Bender's. He has a gray and blue jacket which he wears often, even if its hot. Underneath is a white shirt with a frowny face on it. He has black sweatpants and green sneakers.


why bother


He lives in a storm cloud.


  • Robert is suffering from depression.

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