Robbie Hood is the little brother of Scarlet Riding Hood and the first Lalaloopsy Little Boy Fairy Tale character
Drawn by missflyingtoaster (Melissa Smith) using Adobe Illustrator
Robbie Hood


Lalaloopsy Little

Sewn on:

October 17th

Sewn from:

Robin Hood's cloak




Robbie tries to be fair and generous.  He believes wealth should be spread around.  Sometimes, he's caught taking from others to give to the poor.  He protects his sister, Scarlet, while they travel in the forest.


Robbie has tan skin with pink cheeks and pink hair.  He wears a red hat with green feather accent.  His outfit is a long white tunic with red collar, green sleeves and red belt.  His pants are black.  He has green boots with red accents


A red and white male fox black eyes.


Robbie lives in a tree house in the forest.

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