Bold textShe is th twin sister of Mike Rock N Shine and the little sister of Jessica Glamour N Shine.

Personality:she is a sweet girl who loves to sing and loves any kind of music expt Country,Jazz,Blues,any old fashion type she is more of da rock and roll type.She loves preforming her songs to people in Lalaloopsy Land especially when everyone is bored.She loves playing with her siblings,singing,shwing off her talent,seeing her friends,and playing with her pet gutair.She also loves rock music and when ya get her in da spirit ya cant get ehr outta it till she's done rockin.

Apperence:(not announced yet)

Pet:a pet base gutair

Home:she lives with her twin brother and older sister on the Broadway Of LalaloopsyLand


She's based off of those female rockstars

Her bday might be on the same day as Taylor Swift's bday

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