Rhonda Hogg

Rhonda Hogg is one of Lego Island's star race car drivers. She drives the green number #2 car although in a Sew Bricktastic Adventure her car is yellow.



Rhonda spends most of her time at the race track. She insults the drivers she passes but then would take her loss to a good race. Usually she's the winner when Studs Linkin isn't. Normally she comes in second but there was a time when she lost badly coming in last. -


In a Sew Bricktastic Adventure she's racing once again but this time in a yellow car with the same number. Like usual she along with Studs insults the lalaloopsies as they pass them but Rhonda comes in third with Studs second and Peanut first. While she praises Peanut for a good race while Studs once again comes up with excuses for losing.


Rhonda is a lego who wears sunglasses, a red racing helmet, black racing trousers and a blue racing jacket with red sleeves.


  • Rhonda Hogg is a character from the 1997 PC game Lego Island and has also appeared in Lego Island 2.
  • Although Studs Linkin is the champion racer Rhonda is usually the one in front in Lego Island.

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