She's another of WatermelonSunshine's "classic" fanon Lalas.


Regina was sewn on June 25 (National Luxury Day) from a million-dollar dress. She's the richest one in all of Lalaloopsy Land. She spends all her time shopping at fancy boutiques!


She has deep peach skin and black hair in the same hairstyle as Pickles, but she has a crown instead of bows. Next to one of her black button eyes is a pink dollar sign. She also wears a flowing and pretty mint green and pink dress. Her legs are mint green and her shoes are a recolor of Goldie's, but they're different shades of pink.


Her pet is a brown chihuahua whom she carries around in a fluffy pink purse.


A big mansion!


  • Her big doll is made with Swarovski elements.
  • Her name comes from the fact that "Regina" sounds like "rich".

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