This is the Lalaloopsy version of the PBS series, Ready jet go


Ace is an alien from the planet Bortron 7. His parents are travel writers. When the family heard a catchy tune coming from Earth, they decided to move to Earth (specifically Boxwood Terrace, Washington) to study its custom. Due to his kind but excitiable personality, singing skills, and red hair, Ace makes a lot of friends in Boxwood Terrace and is the most popular kid there, and his band of followers include Forest (a science prodigy), Dot (a sci-fi fan), and Bundles (a curious 4 year old). Every day, they learn something new about the Scientific Method, Astronomy, Technology, Earth Science, and our Solar System, while also learning valuable lessons about friendship and teamwork.


Ace Fender Bender = Jet Propulsion, the main character of the series and the most popular kid in Boxwood Terrace

Forest Evergreen = Sean Rafferty, Jet's friend who is very smart and anxious about going into space. He is obsessed with the Scientific Method. His parents work at the DSA.

Dot Starlight = Sydney, Jet's other friend who loves science fiction and reading comics

Bundles Snuggle Stuff = Mindy Melendez, the youngest member of the clique who loves to ask questions

Haley Galaxy = Celery Propulsion, Jet's mom

Pete R. Canfly = Carrot Propulsion, Jet's dad

Matey Anchors = Mitchell Peterson, a spy who wants to expose Jet's alien identity to the public

Bea Spells A Lot = Dr. Rafferty, Sean's mom and a scientist at the DSA.

Sunspot = Himself, he is Jet's alien pet

???? = Uncle Zucchini, Jet's uncle who is a Bortronian garbageman

???? = Mr. Peterson, Mitchell's snooty father

Beauty Fairest = Lillian, Mindy's friend


Season 1

1. A Kid's Guide to Mars/Ace 2: The kids join Haley and Pete R on a trip to Mars; Ace builds a robot version of himself so he can be in two places at the same time.

2. Tour of the Solar System/Ace Cooks Dinner: Ace attempts to play the "Solar System" game with Forest, Dot & Bundles but the kids don't quite understand which planets go where. / Dot, Bundles, Sunspot & Forest help Ace  cook a classic meal for his parents Haley & Pete R.   

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