Rainbow Is A Perfect Beach Girl Who Loves The Colors Of The Rainbow : Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, And Violet. What Is Her Favorite Rainbow Color? Visit To Find Out~!


Bright And Colorful, Rainbow Colorsmaid Loves Rainbows. Her Nyan Cat Pet Also Has A Rainbow!


Rainbow Is A Fair Skinned-Girl With Pink Hair And A Sort Of Skunk-Color Bow. She Has Some Smell-Colored Cheeks. She Wears A Rainbow Blouse & Skirt That's Perfect On A Rainy Day That Changes Color. She Has Dark Blue Shoes And Light Green Socks.


Rainbow Has A Nyan Cat That Shoots Out Its Rainbow.


Rainbow's House Looks Like A Cherry. Such As Koi Cherry Bloom, It Looks The Same.


Full Size Rainbow, Mini Doll Rainbow, Rainbow's Painting.


She Ate A Pie In Her Episode, Much As Plumer Tastes 'N' Pies.


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