Rae Sunshimmer


Rae Sunshimmer is a bright and bubbly girl. She loves the outdoors and the sun. She is very popular and loves chatting. Rae loves the color gold and wears it all the time.


Sewn on: 9th February

Sewn from: a Phoenix's feather (but it was meant to be a crow's feather)

Pet: A tiger

Special facts

Rae has a twin sister that she hasn't seen her whole life, it's Shadow Moonbeam. Shadow & Rae's mother meant to sew them both from ravens & crows feathers, but there was a mix-up and Rae ended up being the sunny one. Rae, like her sister, has wings, but she doesn't know about it and they will only work when she discovers her power to talk to birds.

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