Bold text'''Bold textInsert formula hereShe is the lil sister of Mystic Fortune.

Personality:She is very pshyic and has powers to predict the future unlike her sister.She loves using pschysic mind powers on people and will  use them when she's bored.When she  is bored or something she feels like causing chaos sew she takes over people's minds even tho Mystic keeps telling her she cant take over minds if she wants to get famous.She travels with her sister and gives out fourtunes.She also gives out dark magic cards that bring bad luck to people.Sew yu better hope she isn't in a mischivous mood orelse she will take it out on YU!

Pet:an evil fourtune ball >:3

Home:She travles around Lalaloopsy Land with her sister.


She is sewn on  be a phsycic day

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