Princess Twilight (プリンセストワイライト) is a Lalaloopsy-related anime about "Superheroine Princesses" who fight against other evil dolls, and make sure the city gets justice. The dolls are made using the Lalaloopsy Workshop kits. It is similar to Sailor Moon, and contains a version of Moonlight Densetsu as the theme song. 

Princess Twilight
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Hato Mokomoto was once a normal doll. She never seemed the same. After injuring a girl with her Crown of Power, she was taken back for a refund and given back to Doll Factory. Then, she becomes a Superheroine Princess and meets new Princesses in Princess Twilight Q.


NOTE: The Japanese names in the Princesses section are the Princess names, not the real names. The enemies will not have Japanese names.


Princess Twilight (プリンセストワイライト) - The main character and leader. After injuring a girl with her Crown of Power (a crown that keeps all her powers inside) she was taken back for a refund and given back to Doll Factory. She then came to life, and became the first Superheroine Princess.

Princess Messy (プリンセスメッシー) - A clown princess. After being tested with kids, she was scribbled on and had mud cheeks, then made friends with Hato. Her real name is Goru Silly. She was the first princess to meet Twilight, in the orginal Princess Twilight.

Princess Sheriff (プリンセスシェリフ) - A sheriff princess. She never made it to the toy shops. She hates it when she gets bullied or gets called fake sheriff, and as a punishment, she kicks people in the butt! Sometimes she can be rude, but is nice most of the time.

Princess Beauty (プリンセスビューティ) - A ballerina-like princess. She loved to dance, until the doll factory abandoned her project. She then met the girls and became a Superheroine Princess. She was the final princess to meet the girls.


Ragamuffin - A doll with rags of leather. After her leg broke during testing, the dolls were considered faulty and she with her friends was never sold. One day she spotted Twilight and became jealous of her, so she tried to get her revenge on her by trying to break the law in different ways. Her first appearance was in Princess Twilight, and is played by Princess Anise.

Red - Princess Sheriff's little cousin. One day, when Sheriff was looking after her, she ran away in an evil plan. She then lived in a treehouse (bunker) with her evil friends (who ran away at the time the princesses found her) and the princesses found her in Princess Twilight Q. 

Tedy Ber - A girl dressed in a bear suit. She became evil because her mother abused her as a child. Her first appearance was in Princess Twilight.

Dub Licencing

NOTE: If you speak a foreign language and want to take part in dubbing, please contact Suruki (the creator) for more details! This does not include subtitling!

  • English: Suruki


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