Princess Paints-Her-Nails
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Sewn on:

September 13 (Lets paint our nails day)

Sewn from:

A real princess' dress

Introducing the first Lalaloopsy with fingernails: Princess Paints-Her-Nails! She is a truly beautiful girl who just loves to paint her nails. She comes with five various colors of nail polish, a comb, a bottle of nail remover and a bottle of dye for dying her hair. Often she can be seen with a comb. She is the Princess of Manicures. Also, check out her sisters: Manicure Paints-Her-Nails, and Lemon E. Fresh.


Princess Paints-Her-Nails is a princess who loves to do manicures, whether is for her or someone else. She never gets angry or mad. She reigns over the royal kingdom of Manicures. Her favorite gift is nail polish.


The face

Princess Paints-Her-Nails is a pale-skinned girl with magenta hair in two very long and flowing pigtails, held by pink bows, Purple eyes, diamond shaped cheeks and a beauty mark.

The clothes

Princess Paints-Her-Nails also wears: A rainbow colored dress, and white boots with a black streak at the top of it. 

The accessories

Two bracelets, a necklace with an emerald on it, and a pretty tiara.


Her pet is a pink pegasus with golden wings. Her mane and tail are braided.


Her home is gorgeous! She lives in a princess's palace, unlike the other Lalaloopsies. The outside of her palace is a very pretty pink with gems hot-glued on to it. Inside looks as if a real princess decorated it. She has frilly curtains on her window. She has many bottles of nail polish in her bathroom. She has a wonderful chalinder in her dining room. She also has a gargantuan pool in her backyard.


  • She is the first Lalaloopsy to have diamond shaped cheeks.
  • She is the only one of the Lalaloopsies to have colored eyes.
  • She is also one of the few Lalaloopsies to have a mark on her.
  • She has a sister named Lemon E. Fresh.