The parents of Princess Nutmeg, Crystal, Lyric and Yellow are at first unnamed until Crystal mentions their names.

King Timber

King Timber was their father. It is unknown what he looks like, althought Yellow held up a picture that shows he is dressed like normal kings. He had a golden crown, brown hair and a brown beard, a purple robe and a gold and red necklace. He wore a sleeveless red shirt and green and red striped shorts and purple sandals.

Queen Earrings

Queen Earrings was their mother. It is unknown what she looks like, althought Yellow held up a picture that shows she is dressed like normal queens. Her outfit is a recoloring of Queen Sapphire's outfit, except she had long, purple earrings. Her dress was red and her necklace was green. Her crown was silver, and her hair was brown. Plus, her shoes were white.

Cause of death

Queen Earrings died by drowning in a river. King Timber fell ill. Soon, the four girls had to live on their own.


The origins of Princess Nutmeg's family is still a mystery.

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