Preschool Adventures is a fanon series about the children's adventures when they were Littles-age.


  • Peanut Big Top - the main character. She is a mischievous child who can do just about the impossible, like dancing on the table during storytime.
  • Ace Fender Bender - the main boy and Peanut's best friend. He is a wacky child who is innovative and creative. He can make inventions, but they always break. He has a crush on Peanut. He is also buddies with Patch, but often teases him.
  • Bea Spells-a-Lot - the main antagonist and Peanut's biggest rival. She is a smartypants know-it-all girl who like to sit in the front row and be the teacher's pet by following the rules and bringing an apple each day. She is mean to Peanut and her friends. She manipulates all her friends into saying that she (Bea) is better and smarter than Peanut, Ace, Marina, Mango, Patch, Sunny, Berry, Ember, Peppy, Harmony, Misty, Charlotte, Coral, Spot, Dot, Rosy, Ember, Kat, and Feather.
  • Pete R Canfly- the handsome boy who everybody has a crush on but never admits it

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