Pop Medley

Sewn from: Katy Perry's outfit

Sewn On: Oct. 25 (Katy Perry's birthday)

When her last stitch was sewn, she quickly unlocked a great taste of music and a very artistic talent!


She is a very calm-tempered girl. She likes quiet surroundings so she can concentrate on composing songs. She also hates it if Rock Medley, her brother, plays loud, annoying rock songs.

Likes: Playing Music

Dislikes: Loud Music

Friends: Wendy, Prairie, Marina, Perry, Patch, and Harmony


She has a pink and violet outfit.


Her pet was a heart shaped music note. It wears nerd glasses.


She lives in a very large mansion away from lalaloopsyland. She usually stays at her brother's house in case she needs to go to lalaloopsy land. Her house is a very cute house full of gadgets you have never seen before.


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