Pirouette Pierrot is one of the very first lalaloopsy with autism. She is also the most shyest of them all in LalaloopsyLand. She can't talk yet, but she loves to perform miming and ballet dancing.


Pirouette is one of the shyest but the cutest dolls ever after. She is similar to Charlotte Charades:)


Pirouette has pale skin and magenta curly hair. She wears her pierrot costume and she always wears white face paint makeup and also paints a small tiny black heart on her right cheek and a tiny black diamond on her left cheek. And like all french clowns, she wears a black beret.


Pirouette owns a Bull Terrier with a heart-shaped birthmark covering on her right eye. Her name is Peewee.


Pirouette's home is a white painted house with gray hearts and diamonds. 


  • Pirouette Pierrot loves to mime, performing comedy, and loves to dance ballet.
  • From now on, she can use sign language with her hands for her dialogue.
  • She also has two cute little brother and sister twins named Pierre and Mimette.