Pinkberry von Puff
Pinkberry von Puff


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on

October 14th (National Desserts Day)

Sewn from

Strawberries and some Meringue bits



Pinkberry von Puff is the troublemaker little sister of the gorgeous Strawbella von Puff! She loves pranks, especially pies! Every dessert is her favorite. She is a totes cute Little!

She is Mimi La Sweet's recolor.


Pinkberry is a small resident but a big troublemaker. Despite being a troublemaker and a prankster, she is as smart as her sister. She loves making riddles, jokes and especially Strawberry Pie.


Pinkberry looks a lot like Mimi, but her color blue is replaced by the color Fuchsia.


Her pet is a Pupcake, which is part puppy part cupcake.


Pinkberry lives in Cherry Crisp Crust's neighborhood, with her sister.


  • Pinkberry's birthday, October 14, is the birthday of her creator's first best friend.
  • Pinkberry's name is supposed to be Bluebelle von Puff (and based on Blueberries), but her signature color became Pink instead of blue.
  • She can prank her sister at least 80 times a day.

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