Hello. Hello. It's a reupload by Cookiez from that other loopsy wiki.


Last name derived from verloren, which is Dutch for lost... I dunno...


Pierrot doesn't have an exact sewn on date... She was sewn with lost thoughts and items.


Pierrot is stoic. No, to be more precise, she is emotionless. Pierrot lost her emotions and she ended up without her memories in a place filled with lost items floating around. Nothing is known about her past since no one knew about her. A lot of loopsies come to her when they've lost something.... Probably 'cause lost items appear where ever she walks. She's unaffected by gravity, though so it's pretty rare for her feet to touch the ground.


Pierrot has platinum blonde hair with grey eyes and pale pink cheeks. She wears a purple sleeveless (floating) tailcoat with a yellow ball and star at the ends, a turquoise skirt with black, grey and white dots, black and white horizontal, vertical and diagonal striped knee socks and shorts. She also uses a red pompom to tie? her hair and two red clips.


Currently none. Probably not ever.


Pierrot wanders (floating) around everywhere so she doesn't really have a place to call home but she frequently comes back to the place she woke up in, which is a dark void filled with lost items that float around since gravity is non-existent there (probably the reason why she isn't affected by gravity) and a floor made of shallow water.

Other Merchandise

  • Full sized doll
  • Mini doll

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