Phantoma Wisp


Phantoma was not sewn from anything. She was magically created by love for Lalaloopsies. If people stop loving Lalaloopsies then she becomes more faded and eventually she will fade away. You can see her when there are happy things going on, but she will become invisible when there's sadness. Phantoma is shy, but chats when she feels happy. She loves her fashion and her favourite colour is purple.


Britain E. Island & Shadow Moonbeam


Phantoma has a grey ponytail which fades away at the ends. It is tied back with a purple beaded hair tie. She has white skin and grey button eyes. She has purple eye shadow and purple blush. She has a thin purple dress with a grey chain belt and necklace. She has grey flats which fade away. She has a chameleon for a pet. You can't see it because it's camouflaging with the background.


Sewn on: 29th February (Leap Day)

Sewn from: N/A

Pet: Chameleon (who blends in ALL the time.)

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