When her last stitch was sewn from the contest of a blueberry cheesecake, Perry was born. She is shy to others
Perry blueberry
upon first meeting them but it never stops her from attempting to make a new friend!

She is the little sister of Wendy Strawberry.


While she is very friendly to others, Perry kind of likes to be alone and spends most of her time doing single-person activities. Although she is shy, her assertive side can be very hard to control when it shows itself!

However, this tends to only happen whenever she is given disrespect.

Perry looks up to her big sister Wendy and adores her because she is brave, beautiful, and smart. 

Likes: Playing football. 

Dislikes: Bullies

Friends: Emily, Marina, Wendy, Pop, Berry, Rock, and Blossom


Perry is pale-skinned with average black button eyes and soft blue blushing cheeks. Her hair is soft blue with streaks of other blue colors strewn about. The length of her hair would most likely be about shoulder length but are worn up in tight pigtails. She has normal bangs with a small split in the center and a single curl of hair next to both eyes. She has a cowlick.

Perry wears a dark blue, blueberry oriented dress consisting of a dark blue sleeve-less top with a lighter blue collar and a gem/pendant in the center. The skirt of the dress is flowery in shape and a periwinkle color with blue line detailing and white and dark blue speckles/glittery dots decorating it. Also worn are dark blue leggings and dark green flats.


Perry's pet is a cute blueberry with a single, bright green leaf to the side of it's head. Worn on it's head is a gray head-dress.


Perry lives in a small shed next to Wendy's own home. It's roof is made of blueberries and there is a garden right next to it. 


  • Her sister competes at the Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe.
  • Perry is one of the few Lalaloopsy with non red or pink blushing cheeks.