Pearly Sweet
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A fan depiction of Pearly

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Bridal Veil


Love Dove

Pearly Sweet is a wedding themed Lalaloopsy. Around Lalaloopsy Land her job is making decorations, accessories, and helping to spread happiness and love throughout the land.


Pearly Sweet is a very graceful and gentle girl. She isn't necessarily shy or bashful, but she prefers to be a "pacifist" and keep peace amongst others. She does not like to argue or fight, and wishes to keep it that way, even if it means lying to please others. Confrontation make her upset.

With her grace and beauty, she loves to dance and perform with both Tippy, and Jewel. While she, Suzette, and Toasty often hang out, have a tea party, or play dress up. She is lovely and sweet, and respected; with the exception of a few who mistakingly believe she may be a snob or edotistical due to her fancy behavior. One thing she will not tolerate though are dirty things- given her prestine appearance and because of the efforts she puts into what she makes.


Pearly is a light skinned girl with soft blue eyes and pink cheeks. Her long, pearl pink hair is normally worn loose or up in ringlet pigtails. She always weas a tiara or veil.

Her attire is inspired by various wedding gowns worn around the world. Normally her color scheme is white and gold, accent with sheer lace fabric and pearls. She wears simple, but elegant shoes.


Pearly has a pet "Love Dove" who is fairly more persnickity than she actually is. It puffs up when upset or surprised.


Pearly's home is a very fancy chapel with many big, silky white ribbons decorating both her home and small heart shaped bushes. The path leading to her home is lined with rainbow pearls, while the pathway is a golden carpet leading to the front white double door. At the very top of the home is a big bell that Pearly can use to ring every day at exactly noon.

The trees around Pearly's home has many silk decorated ribbons decorating them. She also has a small heart shaped pond to the side of her home.


  • It is left ambiguous as to whether or not Pearly has a husband or close friend portraying the role.