Name: Pawprint Wolfhowl

Pawprint Wolfhowl

Gender: Female

Pet: Wolf

Sewn-On Date: August 26 (National Dog Day)

Sewn From: A werewolf costume

Description: Pawprint is a werewolf lalaloopsy. Her hobbies include howling at the moon and playing with her pet wolf and her vampire cousin Drac Vampbat! She is (ironically enough) best friends with Pillow Featherbed!

Home: She lives in a cave with her pet wolf.


  • She likes to go out at night.
  • She is the first werewolf OC.
  • She is one of the few girl Lalaloopsies to wear pants.
  • She and Drac Vampbat are cousins, which is kind of ironic since she is a werewolf and Drac is a vampire.