Jewel: OMG! This is so exciting!!

Ivory: Oh yeah, girl!

Jewel: Let's go to our class!

Ivory: Okay!

In the classroom...

Jewel: Hi, Tippy!

Tippy: Hi, Jewel!

Jewel: Ace, gets kissed by Peanut!

Tippy: Really?

Ace: What?!

Peanut: Ace, is my sweetheart!

Ace: Ack!

Peanut: (laughs)

Jewel: Hi, Peanut!

Peanut: Hi, Jewel!

Jewel: Who's your boyfriend??

Peanut: My boyfriend's name is Ace Fender Bender!

Ivory: OMG!!!

Teacher: Okay class, let me say your names. Ace Fender Bender?

Ace: Here!

Teacher: Ivory Ice Crystals?

Ivory: Here!

Teacher: Sally Sunshine?

Sally: Here!

Teacher: Jewel Sparkles?

Jewel: Here!

Teacher: Peanut Big Top?

Peanut: Here!

Teacher: Tippy Tumblelina?

Tippy: Here!

Teacher: Dot Starlight?

Dot: Here!

Teacher: Pix E. Flutters?

Pix E.: Here!

Teacher: Pillow Featherbed?

Pillow: Here! (yawns)

Teacher: Pillow, do not sleep in class or you will get sent to the office! Prairie Dusty Trails?

Prairie: Here!

Teacher: Bea Spells A Lot?

Bea: Here!

Teacher: Crumbs Sugar Cookie?

Crumbs: Here!

Teacher: and Snowy Fairest?

Snowy: Here!

Teacher: Okay class, let's get started!

Pillow: Zzzzzzzz!

Teacher: Pillow! Go to the office, NOW!

Pillow: (yawns) Fine.

Bea: Pillow's going to be expelled, but that's okay!

Teacher: Oh yes, Bea she'll be expelled!

Dot: Bea, i'm going to daydream!

Teacher: Dot! Pay attention, please!

Dot: Okay!

Bell rings...

Teacher: Class go to your advisory class!

All: Okay!

Jewel: OMG, Tippy Pillow got expelled!

Tippy: Yeah!

In Jewel's advisory class...


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