Nick Jr.
This show centers around several characters from Nick Jr, and their adventures in TV World. The main antagonists are the popular shows, and the neutrals are the Teletubbies.



The heroes

The good guys

  • Lalaloopsies-The main characters of the show, and the leaders of the Retro League. The Lalaloopsies are Pillow Featherbed, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Mittens Fluff 'n' Stuff, Peanut Big Top, Spot Splatter Splash, Jewel Sparkles, Dot Starlight, and Bea Spells-A-Lot. Rosy also accompanies them on some of their adventures.
  • Little Charmers-three kids that are part of the Retro League. The Little Charmers are Hazel, Lavender, and Posie. They help the Retro League by conjuring up some spells, though they usually go wrong. Their pets are Seven, Flare, and Treble.
  • Tommy and Tallulah-two kids from the show, Tickety Toc. They are both 8 years old, but have the personalities of pre-schoolers. They are in the Retro League. They both have mechanical know-how and help the gang by making wind-up vehicles.
  • Blue-a dog from the show, Blue's Clues. Blue is very smart, and serves as the Retro League's mascot. She can sniff out anything.
  • The Super Cluepers-six animal characters from Franklin and Friends. When on mission with the Retro League, they become the super cluepers. They are, Franklin, Bear, Rabbit, Beaver, Fox, and Goose.
  • Diego- a kid from the show, Go Diego Go. He provides the gang's technology and helps take care of the animals. He is Dora's cousin. He wasn't always part of the Retro League. Once, he was part of the All-Stars all because he was Dora's cousin. He liked being popular. Later, he realized how cruel Dora was to the Retros, and confronted her. Then, Dora kicked him out of the All-Stars. There are many episodes in which Diego is stuck between the Retros and Dora.
  • Max and Ruby-two bunny kids from the show of the same name. Ruby is the fashionista of the gang, making up many designs. Max is her little brother who causes a lot of mayhem.
  • ​Mike-a knight. He is the warrior of the Retro League. His sister is Evie and is BFFs with the charmers. His dragons are Sparkie and Squirt.
  • Peter-a rabbit. His dad is dead. His cousin is Benjamin and his friend is Lily. He is mischevious.
  • ​Wonder Pets-3 classroom pets. Linny is the leader and is very smart. Tuck has a very big heart, and Ming-Ming is the comic welief. (get it?)


The villains

The bad guys

  • Dora-the main antagonist of the show, and the leader of the All-Stars. She is the most popular girl in TV World, and won't let anyone else take her title. She is incredibly stupid, as sometimes she can't see stuff, and sometimes she can't hear stuff. She can deceive anybody by pretending to be nice. Her servants are Pablo, Kate, Alana, Naiya, and Emma. Her cousin is Diego, but she kicked him out of the All-Stars because he told her off for being cruel and selfish. So, she deleted all the episodes of Go, Diego, Go! with her in it. She can cancel any show on Nick Jr. or make any show not last very long with the simple press of a button. She hates the Retro League very much. Whenever a new show comes to Nick Jr, she lets them into the All-Stars just to see what they'll be like. If they're super cool, they'll stay, and if they're not, they'll be kicked out and sent to hang with the Retro League.
  • Bubble Guppies-six mer-kids. The leader is Molly, who hypnotizes people with her songs, just like a siren. The next one is Gil, who Dora claims to be, 'rather incompetent'. Goby is the creative one. Deema is a drama queen, Oona is the dumb one, and Nonny is the nerd.
  • PAW Patrol-a team of six pups led by a bratty kid named Ryder. Chase is the leader and he is bossy. Skye is the girly one. Rubble is the big baby. Marshall is the clumsy one. Zuma has speech impediment, and Rocky hates water. They work with the Mutt and Stuff dogs to guard Dora's evil headquarters.
  • Blaze-a monster machine. He provides evil transportation for the All-Stars. His minions are Zeg, Stripes, Starla, Darrington, Pickle, Crusher, and two humans named AJ and Gabby.

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