The Brickster, he's in jail now but if he ever escapes I'll be on him like Studs on a brick. ~ Nick in Lego Island

Officer Nick Brick, is one of the police officers on Lego Island. It's his job to make sure everyone is safe and that the Brickster stays in his place "in the Lego Island jail". He is the younger brother of Laura Brick.



The thing about Nick that impresses most people is his great memory. He remembers just about everything that's happened on Lego Island and he loves donuts. He suffers from Anosmia and therefore can't smell. He uses a motorcycle to patrol the island. -


Nick has his own recipe for chocolate donuts with a cream cheese topping. He uses a lot of sugar in them to help boost his energy for when he needs to chase down the Brickster if he ever escapes.


Nick is a lego who rarely smiles. He has blue eyes and wears a black police jacket with gold buttons and his rescue badge on his left side, underneath he wears a white shirt with a blue tie. He also wears blue trousers and a black baseball cap.


  • Nick was one of the main characters in the 1997 PC game Lego Island.
  • He enjoys hearing thanks from Laura.
  • He can often be seen handing out speeding tickets at the race track.
  • Nick thinks that Papa Brickolini made up his "pizza tastes good cold" line so he wouldn't get mad when it's late.

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