It's called The Adventures of Bella Orman, a rename for Prairie


Patch as Andrew

Berry as Anna

Pepper as Aurora

Prairie as Bella

Crumbs as Calista

Sir as Carson

Blossom as Cascadas

Rosy as Emma

Marina as Greer

Ace as Griffin

Bea as Hayley

Pickles as Jessica H

Sunny as Jessica Y

Forest as Keaton

Peanut as Malia

Dot as Marissa

Mittens as Paige

Misty as Sara

Jewel as Selia

Tippy as Sophie

Spot as Tate

Pillow as Zoe



  • Jessica Y and Anna aren't sisters
  • Jessica H and Andrew are siblings
  • Aurora and Greer are siblings
  • Hayley and Paige are siblings

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